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To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Can foods aid in stress relief?

The Real Deal, The Vegan Lifestyle…

Women, Speed Up your Metabolism Today

Exercise for Your Body Type Exercise for Your Body Type
Read my newly published article in Healthy Horizons - Health & Wellness Magazine

If the words “boot camp” make you cringe, then personal trainer Jakkie Pidanick’s personalized workouts will be a pleasant surprise... read the article here

Kick the Carb Queen Habits!  Kick the Carb Queen Habits!
Empower yourself with a few simple rules to help reduce your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

See the original article as published in July 2010 issue of Pink Magazine

Here are some great facts about caffeine.

  Eating Well
Learn to eat well with these few helpful tips.

  Food Labels 101
Learn how to interpret Food Labels with this informative article.

  Glycemic Index
Great guide to the glycemic index

This Fitness and Nutritional Journal is a great way to see where you are currently in your exercise and eating habits, and helps us to chart a course to attain your ultimate goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  Nutrient & Caloric Need Ranges
Formulas to calculate your nutrient and caloric needs.

  Raw Unrefined Sea Salt
Find out the facts about Raw Unrefined Sea Salt.

lf I'm not feeling well, should I take time off, or push myself through a workout?

  Tennis Talk
... from March 2010 issue of Pink Magazine
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