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Women, Speed Up your Metabolism Today

You can do this? I understand genetics and age play factors in your daily caloric expenditure but it’s not a reason to give up just because you have a “low metabolism”. Take control and improve your metabolism at any age. Think as your body as an engine and your metabolism is the rate at which your engine runs, this is step one to understanding your body. To help regain control look at these 3 areas as the means to a new beginning and give yourself time to notice and feel the change. It’s easy to get caught up in the speed of life. Make time to make your meals, get to bed and shop for the correct items. You may need to take pen to paper and make a plan for yourself. Planning ahead decreases failure and stay positive!

  1. Believe it! You can sleep of those pounds! Let’s face it 5hrs of sleep a night is not good for anyone. Your mean to your co- workers and on average take in 500 calories more a day. This is because one you’re up longer and two your body is in a state of stress. Getting less sleep can upset the balance of appetite regulating hormone Leptin and a hormone called Ghrelin. Ghrelin singles your brain it’s hungry and can increase without sleep. Not to worry, one night of proper rest can decrease hormone states. This is a easy fix all you have to do is try. Your body may not want to sleep due to the internal clock being set for late night sleeping. Try some natural ways to fall asleep such as melatonin.
  2. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (the ability to burn calories at rest) is depended on your age, height and body type. This may be hard to change BUT eating breakfast can increase the amount of calories burned through day. If you don’t eat or choose to skip meals your hormones single the brain to watch the amount of energy being used and burning calories become harder.
  3. Meal Size! Small meals keep your blood sugar levels maintained. When hunger hits a dip has occurred in your blood sugar and metabolism and can lead to out of control eating. Make sure to have a snack at hand. Also, try to have a protein at each meal which burns 3x the calories of a slice of bread just to eat it. Protein will help rev up your system to burn more calories at each meal.

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