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May 6, 2020 - When I first started working with Jakkie, I was unable to lift my right arm above my shoulder without feeling pain or tightness. I could not even perform a basic pushup because my right shoulder was so weak. This was my condition AFTER going weekly to physical therapy for two months for a frozen shoulder and visiting a chiropractor for over a year. My doctor in Michigan was recommending a steroid injection as a next step. I was hesitant to take the injection and was reluctantly resigned to my condition. Then I met Jakkie who teaching a golf fitness class at the Odyssey Health Club while my wife and I were living in Hilton Head for the winter. Jakkie noticed my shoulder's limitation in class and told me she thought she could help. Wow, she was right. After a series of therapy sessions, she was able to restore my right shoulder's function to 100%. It is truly unbelievable. Jakkie understood my condition, through her knowledge of sports injuries and occupational therapy background. She worked methodically on my entire shoulder complex to stretch and loosen all the associated tendons and muscles that were restricting its full movement. This took time. It wasn't a quick fix overnight process. Afterwards she provided me with a series of strengthening and stretching exercises to keep both shoulders properly functioning going forward. No injections, no pills, no pain and no more chiropractor. I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend her services. Don't settle for pain from a sports injury or medical surgery. Jakkie can help.
John Koehler
May 2, 2020 - I’ve been working with Jakkie for about 5 years. She has helped me rehabilitate after knee replacement and helped me avoid back surgery. I was in terrible pain from scoliosis and weakness and after a lot of work I am now pain free. I still work with Jakkie to remain strong and out of pain. She understands the body and knows how to help you achieve your goals. I don’t know of another trainer who is so caring and effective.
Carol Alberto

I have been an athlete all my life.I found myself not able to get motivated to work out or loose the "5" pounds we all want to loose. I met Jakkie over a year ago and had a long chat with her about my lack of motivation. She was very understanding and so knowledgeable about food and exercise. I started training with her and following her suggestions regarding meals...and now over a year later I have lost over 23 lbs and I feel better than I ever have!!
Meredith Stanford

“I used to train as a fighter at least 5 days a week until the Fall of last year when the gym I went to closed. No longer able to train the 2+ hours of fighting a day or the hour of cardio, my body became signigicantly weaker and I started having problems with my left knee. When I started training with Jakkie in January, I could barely run 5 minutes without excruciating pain in my left knee. With Jakkie’s physical therapy background I was back up and running with no pain by February. Jakkie not only helped rehabilitate my weak knees, she has also provided fight specific training that has helped me regain my strength and confidence. Thanks for getting me back into fighting shape Jakkie!

Megan Dorman

“I never believed that I would be able to get into the kind of shape that I am in! At 57 years old, my wife sid, ‘It is time for you to start working out’. I have never worked out and didn’t enjoy it. You have made it a pleasure and I commend you. Your knowledge of strength and conditioning is unmatched by anybody I have ever met. Most of the people that have personal trainers can’t believe when I tell them how much you know. They always say they wish their personal triner knew this much! You are a pleasure to work with and thank you for extending my life!”
James Wedgeworth

“I met Jakkie October 2008 and in just 2 1/2 months she has changed my life. I am 38 and thought I was in good shape for my age, but I soon learned from Jakkie that I was not. Now after working with Jakkie I feel great I look great. I have strength and a better knowledge about the foods I eat. She has made me see that I can be a strong, healthy person. Thank you Jakkie, for making me healthy, strong, and hot.
Tara McCarley

“If you want a challenging workout that is fun, never boring and totally works every muscle in your body then Jakkie should be your choice for a PERSONAL TRAINER. I am a 60 year old woman and have worked with Jakkie for a year. I am very pleased with the ongoing results with how my body is shaping—in strength, muscle tone, physique as well as my endurance. I do enjoy the challange that Jakkie gives me each session as I crawl out of Matrix.”
Cathie Miller

“Jakkie is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition and uses the two together to help me achieve my goals. She also tailors my workouts to help me perform better at tennis, with sports specific training. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my core strenth and overall tone thanks to her. I have also recommended Jakkie to my parents and many friends, and they have all achieved their goals…and continue to maintain!”
Stephanie Gentemann

“My first experience with Jakkie was when I decided to add some cardio to my weekly weight-lifting routine in preparation for bikini season by attending a group boot camp class. I not only became leaner quickly, but I also gained two more unexpected benefits. Firstly, I greatly improved my cardio health. Initially, I could barely breathe 5 minutes into Jakkie’s boot camp; however, by the end of the 6th week, I was able to comfortably complete a full hour without gasping for breath! I’ve lifted weights for 25 years but have not done much in regards to my cardio health. Thanks to Jakkie, my heart is now also strong! Secondly, Jakkie literally eliminated my illiotibial band syndrome, showing me a 5 minute exercise that produced results that a dozen exercises prescribed by a doctor could not. Jakkie uses our time together to its best potential…boot camp is well planned, easy to follow, a TERRIFIC workout, and most of all, it is FUN! Thank you, Jakkie!!!”
Lisa Bender

“I was turning thirty and realized life goes backwards unless you make it go forward. A client of Jakkie’s told me about her and I was ready for a change. I started with Jakkie in a parking lot with four other moms. Jakkie worked us out so hard (in a good way), but I really didn’t realize just how out of shape I was… until now…a year and a half later. I worked out with Jakkie using bands, cones, body weight, balls, and partner resistance. Jakkie also provided important nutritional counseling and I lost even more weight. I have lost a total of twenty pounds and I’m in excellent condition and can take what she dishes out…I love how she motivates me. I love the feeling of accomplishment she gives me and I never want to let her down. I have gained a friend as well as a personal Trainer.”
Amanda Zehr

“Loved training with Jakkie! She knows how to work with my individual needs. I'm a grandma in my 70's. Stronger (and lost 20 lbs!)because of the program Jakkie tailored just for my needs. Don't get that at most gyms. Having Jakkie come directly to my home at a time that suited our schedule was also a key factor.”
Linda Heartz

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